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Please write in your prayers, blessings, and requests for personal and planetary balance and healing. ๐ŸFall Equinox๐Ÿ Soon the leaves will begin to fall. What a message they send to us: release, let go, surrender. What are we holding on to? Beliefs, emotions, ways of being; all that no longer serves, given over to the Mother; let them fall away, for these things are what will support our growth into The New. The call to rise is upon us. Can you feel it in the air? This journey of awakening is one we have always been traveling but now we find ourselves at a cross roads, a point of choice in which we must decide which way is meant for us. The swinging pendulum has had us riding from one extreme to the other; seeking balance, we reach for what brings ease to these two polarities --darkness and light-- the receptive feminine, allows; the inspired masculine, takes action; and where they meet-- the Middle-- in union, in ayni, they blend as one; equal, they find balance in one another. There is so much shifting, personally, collectively, globally, universally; paradigms, no longer suited to the expansion we have reached. The worn out ways of the old, no longer serve us, they keep us bound, they must be surrendered. Like leaves in fall, we must recognize we have outgrown these ways of being which keep us separate from the underlying truth of our Universal connection, to ourselves, to each other and to All That Is. In our slumbering, we have lost sight of our unity, of the ties of Love and Spirit which keep us ever connected as One. The Earth herself seeks to find balance as well. She quakes and purges through flood and fire, cleansing, clearing, breaking free of the limitations which have been projected onto her. At these times when what we once held to be truth is falling away, the call for the Earthkeepers has never been stronger. Those of us who are able to hold the vision, those of us that are able to transcend the limitations we have placed on the possibility of our expansion. Dreamers, willing to defy the odds and step up to answer the call and accept our seat as co-creators of this life experience. Earthkeeper medicine is ancient wisdom. Held in sacredness it has been nurtured and honored by the Q'ero lineage for thousands of years. A way of life which lives in ayni, in right relationship with Earth and Sky and all that is between. Earthkeepers recognize our relationship to all things of creation, from bird to bee, to rock and tree-- all life is One-- a sacred expression of Source Energy extended forth. In our modern world we have lost sight of this. In our slumber we have succumbed to the illusion of seprateness which is the foundation of this 3d reality. The tangibility of form is mesmerizing and it has enticed us into believing it is greater than the spiritual realm of the unseen-- the energetic dimensions of Spirit-- of vibration and Light which surround us even in our ignorance of them. These higher dimensional realities are being brought forth all around us, an awakening of a new way, of a New Earth just as the ancient wisdom keepers have spoken of for centuries. It is my prayer that as we witness this shifting around us, this rebirthing of ourselves, Mother Earth and All That Is, that we find the calming center within: the river of Light, the channel of Love which flows from our hearts and through the center of our being. May we breathe deeply and fully, recognizing our breath as the most simple prayer, an invitation calling Spirit within. May we receive on a deeper level: yachi, clarity of vision, born of alignment to Spirit which is unbreakable; munay, purity of Love, boundless and unconditional, filled with compassion; and yanqui, clear action, power inspired from a connection so pure it is made manifest from a knowing that arises from deep within. We hold space for the entirety and we send the boundless and inexhaustible Energy of Reiki to support all of those in need at this time. We are in this together, beloveds and we have chosen to be here, let us remember. Join us in sacred space from wherever you are, whenever you are able to, as we hold forgiveness and compassion in our hearts. May the ripples of our intention spread through the very fabric of this Universe in which we call home. The future is in our hands; our destiny awaits. Won't you step with me into this place of equality? And So It Is! Aho! Your SiStar of Earth and Heaven, Ashley Follow me on Instagram @warrior_of_love333 #ayni #pachamama #pampamesayok #mosak #newearth #fall #equinox #becoming #sacredshamancircle #weareone #loveisall #aho

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You can do nothing more valuable than realize who you are. xoxo bk

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10 reasons to start burning sage๐Ÿƒ Sage kits and Sprays available now

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One of the beautiful unique places we go in Teotihuacan. Join us in October on our journey ... See MoreSee Less

Mexican Cave Restaurant ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜

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