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ARE WE CONNECTED TO A UNIFIED FIELD OF ENERGY? WATCH A FREE EPISODE OF GREGG BRADENS MISSING LINKS ON GAIA When a certain number of people come together, and they choose in a moment of time to create a precise emotion, in their hearts, that emotion literally, can influence, the very fields that sustain life on Earth. These fields are now implicated in everything from the immune response of humans, throughout the planet, climate, weather patterns, cycles of war, in peace, our abilities to solve problems, our cognitive abilities. All of these as different as they sound from one another are all linked to our relationship to the magnetic fields of the earth. So what makes this so beautiful is that every human on the planet is linked to the field, but not every human on the planet has to be consciously aware of their relationship to benefit from what a relatively few number of people come to understand. And the bottom line is this, that when we choose to feel feelings that create what we call coherence in our bodies. Coherence is the language, the quality of the language between our heart and our brain. Certain kinds of heart-based experiences, such as appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, care, compassion, those are the ancient understandings that have always been taught in the truest traditions of our past and now our own science is finding those same traditions are documenting this very real effect within our hearts. When we can feel those feelings in our bodies, they’re mirrored in the field and everyone benefits from the experience of relatively few. Gregg Braden All we have to do is our own inner work, to practice love, compassion, gratitude and to be consciously aware that when we do fall out of alignment with our true self, we let go gracefully of our ego and fears to find our balance again. We are all well aware, from experiences giving and receiving, that our energy can affect ourselves and others in a positive or negative way. I hope that this video and the work of Gregg Braden can light up this world with love so everyone can feel it. Support Conscious Media

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