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That requires you question yourself and track your out comes. You stay open and witness the interactions and outcomes with your clients.
It’s easy to get stuck on believing our selves as healers or professionals that we have something figured out. Problem is our work is NOT ABOUT US and our need to be right. Our responsibility is to meet each unique individual where THEY ARE AT and support them in finding balance, awareness, relief, understanding and faith in them-self and their opportunities in life.
This is tricky in the culture of the USA where we are all seeking our own personal feeling of “good enough” which is all too often based in an outside in relationship to life. If we are not keenly aware we are subject to use others as the mirror that we project our beliefs and agreements onto needing the client to validate what we believe is right in our good enough story. We need the client to agree with us FOR OUR SAKE NOT THEIRS. This happens all the time and we are not even aware of it but our clients out comes will reveal how twisted this relationship is in truth.
We are all on the journey together. The old tenants of HONESTY, OPEN MINDEDNESS, and WILLINGNESS TO QUESTION OUR SELVES is a powerfully true and ruthless gatekeeper to integrity and character. We can’t give or offer what we do not live with our self.
It’s a blessing to share the light and love of life and a blessing we are all worthy of.
Be true to your hearts calling. Live well. Be self aware with no judgment. Have faith in the unknown. Let go and let Spirit. Do not eat too many street tacos.
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The Wisdom of the Shamans, What the Ancient Masters can Teach Us about Love and Life, a new book by Don Jose Ruiz and Hierophant Publishing. Download a FREE EXCERPT here:
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