medicinebaglogoSpirit Recovery Medicine Bag Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free
by Lee McCormick and Mary Faulkner

One Man’s Journey Highlights New Spiritual Tools for Finding the Way Back to One’s Personal Truth, Authenticity and Purpose

During those times when life seems empty and we’re feeling lonely, lost, or “less-than”–or even struggling with addiction–it’s often because our spirit has become squashed. We’ve disconnected or shut ourselves down. You hear it in the stories we tell. Driven by injury, false beliefs, fear, we accept this manufactured vision of ourselves as true. Yet our lives have the ability to go from living hell to living our version of paradise when we release our spirit from bondage. We can indeed achieve a Happy, Joyous and Free life!

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Click image to view song listSongs of the Lodge

“We have lived a powerful relationship with the mystery and healing of the Sweat Lodge for many years. From various traditions, Lakota, Dine’, Native American Church, Meso- American, with respect for all and with a first priority being connection and healing for those who show up our tradition has evolved some songs of our own. This Cd is a compilation we recorded in Nashville; a true offering of Love and Spirit. I hope you enjoy it.”

Lee Mccormick

DH-DVD_Cover_Comp-209x300WHO AM I REALLY? The Journey Book

Our identities are built upon stories upon stories upon stories, masks upon masks …most of which have very little to do with reality. So, if I’m not who I believe myself to be, then who am I? Who Am I Really? The Dreaming Heaven Journey Book was created to assist us in answering just that question—as a personal companion guide to the transformational film, Dreaming Heaven.

Dedicated to assisting the reader in removing the masks of false beliefs, Who Am I Really? The Dreaming Heaven Journey Book is a catalyst for readers to awaken to the truth of their unique magnificence. The pages—though comprised of simple paper and ink—are alive with wisdom from Toltec guides Lee McCormick, Gini Gentry, and Frank (Francis Rico) Hayhurst.

Who Am I Really? The Dreaming Heaven Journey Book takes readers through a 12-Week virtual journey of the plazas, temples, and pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico – known since ancient times as “the place where man becomes God.” Readers will experience the ancient Toltec path to illumination and its relevance to modern life.

Who Am I Really? The Dreaming Heaven Journey Book can be experienced as a solo journey or with a Dreaming Heaven Group from the comfort of your living room. Within its pages resides a template for working with a group, as well as weekly activations, practices, and meditations that can and will alter the very fabric of your life.

What if waking up to HEAVEN ON EARTH is where your new story begins? Join us on the DREAMING HEAVEN JOURNEY, the journey of a lifetime.


Self published version- Limited availability

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The Spirit Recovery Meditation Journal

“Show up for yourself, one day at a time.”

“So, here I sit, knowing that the past is behind and the present is mine to enjoy as I choose. Being here now, I love it all, and I love myself for showing up for myself. When I do that, show up for myself, the past has no power over me. This is recovery, living with awareness and gratitude, one feeling at a time, one day at a time.”

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