TEO Dec. 6-11, 2018: A Return to the Heart of the Sacred

Teotihuacan Dec. 6-11

TEO: Dec. 6-11, 2018 | Mexico City extension: Dec. 11-13, 2018

We are returning to Teotihuacan and Mexico City at the time of the Holy days and Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe – the Aztec Mother Tonantzin. Each of us holds a spark of the light of the Creator. Through our journey to Teotihuacan, that spark is awakened back to consciousness, bringing a great sweet awareness to each moment. Come home to our Dreaming House, to this place of great mystery and awareness, to the truth of your own Heart. 

Your Guides:

Lee McCormick: Author, filmmaker, musician and founder of Spirit Recovery

Gini Gentry: Best-selling author, content editor The Four Agreements and founder of Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center, NM.


Teo is $1,195 double occupancy or $1,395 single occupancy.

Mexico City extension for two nights is $395 double occupancy or $545 for single occupancy. Extension includes hotel and ground transport, not meals. 


For more information and to register, call Gretchen at 310-663-2057 or email consciouscontact@spiritrecovery.com