featherSpirit Recovery was created to serve all those seeking a connection to living life authentically, creatively, honestly while recovering trust, faith, relationship to our self and all our relations as unique expressions of Life.

Through our books, workshops, journeys, conferences, we respect all traditions while holding our individual connection to Spirit as the calling to heal, transform, recover, recreate how we live in this world. We believe we are each unique aspects of the Creators intent. We are here to be fully human. We are here to dream life, live life, share life with respect beginning with our self and extending to all creation.

Our emphasis is on each individuals unique expression, awareness, transformation, awakening. To move beyond life’s interpretations of fear and judgment we look to our hearts connection to Spirit as the anchor place for a great, creative, authentic life. Knowing full well we all have our personal work to do in healing, forgiving, awakening, transforming we know that to thyne own self be true is a sacred aspect of life’s journey. Creator blesses us with this life to be the unique individual we are born to be rather than losing our self to all the demands of the world of man.

We are Spirit in Human form. The greater the diversity we share the healthier the community we become.

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there” – Rumi

Our true nature is to live life with love and joy. To recover this natural state again, Spirit Recovery brings together resources, programs, journeys and events that promote expansion beyond the limitations of our fears and beliefs.

Be free to love, free to live, free to express your hearts desires.

Join us in our Spirit Recovery community circle.

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