Dreaming 2017 Oct. 27, 28,29

Many years ago I joined a dreaming group under the guidance of don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys. The invitation to join demanded that I place my growth and personal evolution above all the attachments and excuses we always come up with that keep us from really stepping out of our familiar “normal” life. Dreaming broke my frame of reality and allowed me to get to know Me again from the inside out. This was a one weekend a month, three year commitment, period. If you missed more than one weekend you could not return.

Very few people are actually interested to know what’s beyond their “normal” or familiar. It is a realm of pseudo comfort being what we have come to call reality and our “self”. Of course all we know is what we believe and have grown accustomed to as identity, labels, roles, feelings and emotions. The truth is we are far more than we “know”. We are far greater and more powerful than we realize and we are so disconnected from our truth as an aspect of the Great mystery that our potential as Human beings is terribly compromised.

This weekend is a baby step to the experience of stepping out of the tracks of familiar and into the depth of something more. This is not for everybody, it is not a quick fix or new band-aid for your life. This is an opening to a great deep journey of reflection and self realization that is unique for each individual. If you’re interested — do it. You are worth it but then you have to come to wonder about that truth. Who are you, am I, are we, really? You are invited — so why not?