WingsLogoLife is wonderful is it not? My son Jason has over the years taken the winds out of my sail time to time. It’s not his fault at all, he never means to deplete or cause chaotic energy streams in his wake, it just kind of happens. Similar to The Peanuts comic character Pigpen’s ominous dirt cloud Jason has dealt with his own form of parasitic dust cloud that hovers and attempts to destroy his destined path.

Jason is a “Spirited Child” this description means he feels and senses energy beyond his earthly body. With this he often receives lower vibrational energies that seem to zap him into a state of frenzy or despair… Some lightened workers would call him an Empath, physicians has referred to him as a varied lot of medical definitional traits such as ADD, AD/HD, Bipolar and of having Asperger Syndrome.

While Jason is being treated for some conditions through medical means, I have found complementary and natural therapies a must to effectively help him on his pathway of Soul Recovery. Fortunately this opportunity came Jason’s way this past weekend.

lauralyn_thumbJason is a bright young man and has insight beyond his years. He absorbs history like a sponge and seems to know things from past days long gone that certainly wouldn’t be taught in modern school books. One of his interests is of the Native American culture. He knows and has spoken to one of his Spirit Guides who is known as Chief White Feather. We have researched this Chiefs history and have found the following story.

During the year 1775 a Quakers group in a Friends meeting house in Easton, New York were faced by a tribe of Indians on the war path. Rather than flee, the Quakers fell silent and waited. The Indian chief came into the meeting house and finding no weapons he declared the Quakers as friends. On leaving he took a white feather from his quiver and attached it to the door as a sign to leave the building unharmed.

When Jason and I found that story we were excited because Jason was searching for a way towards inward peace. He has connected with Chief White Feather many times and we have found part of Jason’s past life has been one with the Natives, specifically that of being a Warrior.

Recently a Wolf Totem came to Jason and this was significant because he was once again wrapped and torn with inner chaos. When his Wolf came to him I was participating in a Shaman Sweat Lodge in Teotihuacan, Mexico. I heard about the Wolf and shared the story with the owner and teacher of the spiritual journey that I was participating with. Lee McCormick owner of Spirit Recovery Journeys asked if he could share the story and he offered a Sweat Lodge experience for Jason that would take place in Tennessee. The group that I participated with in Teotihuacan was delighted and sent much love and light forward.

I was not sure how this trip would take place being light in funds from the holiday season but I knew if Spirit wanted us there a way would show us to Nunnelly, Tennessee. I managed to scrape together two hundred dollars for the trip but knew the amount was a little shy from what would be needed to safely and enjoyably go on this trip. Jason and I was anticipating a weekend of driving, Friday a ten hour drive, Saturday a day for healing Sunday an ten hour drive…

I had an Angel Reading party a couple days before this trip and the answer came by ways of a miraculous gift. I was tipped (she wrote on the check tithe) two hundred dollars from a beautiful friend! She had no idea how much this meant to me because now I would be able to spend an extra day with Jason on this wonderful destined path to Tennessee. I now had four hundred dollars and an extra day!

Jason and I took off Thursday morning and stopped of hours later at Mammoth Cave. Jason and I were both blown away at the Native American imprinted energy there. The cave walls were speaking a native tongue that was mixed with later years of pioneered mining. It was a wonderful experience that allowed us both to ground and bond in a very productive way. That night we settled in a charming hotel that offered very comfortable accommodations. The next morning we took off to Nunnelly and had a great time discussing animal totems and energy.

Friday night we stayed at a lovely Inn that was adjacent to the Spirit Recovery property. Jane’s Inn offered a scenic treasure trove that a ranch offers. It was beautiful and the January weather could not have offered a greater gift. The temperature was well into the sixties that allowed the little frog peepers an opportunity to play their song. There happened to be a small meteor shower Friday night, clear skies and the sight of Venus was awe inspiring.

Saturday early afternoon we took off to meet with Lee and Mee (Lee’s beautiful wife) and their children. It was previously set up that Lee would hang out with Jason during the Sweat Lodge experience and I would have the day with Mee. I looked forward to this for both Jason’s independence and also I enjoy Mee’s company. Jason and Lee hit it off well from the get go.

Mee and I had a delightful day talking and journeying possibilities about the future. She is destined to be a wonderful Author and it was exciting questing her future. Jason and Lee both came back several hours later exhausted, thirsty and hungry. A sense of strength and healing energy seemed to encapsulate the dwelling upon their entering. It was evident the sweat was a successful bonding for two new friends.

When leaving the ranch I felt a new auretic field presence from my son. Maturation took place, one that can be looked upon as a rite to passage. Jason felt proud and honored to be part of this experience. He knew this was a special opportunity and he received it with maturity and honor. I couldn’t be prouder.

The next day we had a ten hour drive so it wa


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