WingsLogoMy son Jason called today as he usually does when he comes home from school. With a large inhale I received his call slightly tensing because usually Jason uses his after school phone time to angrily digress his day to me by fierce choice of words that hurts a mother’s ears… I was pleasantly surprised by his to tone “Hi mom how was your trip?” His voice was friendly, excited and even eager to hear. I immediately asked him what’s up? He sounded GREAT! He explained to me (this is really a miracle so read closely) that a Wolf came to him and the Wolf wanted him to start a clan that had high spiritual principals. He went on for about ten minutes about his Wolf message and asked me to help him with his myspace page that was totally populated with death and vampires.

This is the kicker! I asked him when the Wolf came to him – It was the same night we were in the sweat lodge! I had a feeling something would happen to Jason but did not even for a moment expect such a large gift or miracle. But I knew the Shaman was very powerful and blessed.

lauralyn_thumbPlease if so inclined if you have a myspace page add Jason as a friend and send him spiritual pic’s of wolves or sayings. Please also keep him in prayer that his knew found spiritual path (this was actually his original before he went into freaky scary stuff) leads him to a path of light and love.

His page is at Jason’s page. Miracles happen in Tao!

BTW I am STILL a Non Smoker and never intend to light up again! But please send me prayers and light because it is getting a little tougher being at home.

I want to thank all of you for so much! I hope you can feel my gratitude and LOVE!


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