WingsLogoI had wonderful opportunities to go on many spiritual renewal ventures over the years but this visit to the Dreaming House was by far the most healing and centering experience I ever encountered. What is different is the genuine love and energy that is evident from the second you walk onto the beautiful healing grounds.

Lee McCormick is incredible; he seems to intuitively know what is needed to move further into the healing experience. Emily Grieves is what I refer to as an Earth Angel, her love and sincerity shines through her beautiful smile and eyes. Alberto Romero is among the most incredible artist/healers that I have ever met. Between the ancient grounds that are walked upon and the expertise of the Spiritual Journey team I was in good hands to receive the ultimate recovery and lightened experience.

lauralyn_thumbThere are no accidents, when it was time to take this journey, my personal life has taken its toll… I was literally asking for a “way out of life”, depleted and exhausted, no way for a Light Worker to live. At the end of this journey I was hugging Lee and whispering to him “thank you for saving my life” these five days brought not only my light back but also my son’s.

I was beginning to believe that I would be more helpful for my son who has mental health disorders on the other side of the vale. Jason received the deepest healing and enrichment from our friends at Spirit Recovery both on the grounds of Teo through a Shamanic Healing and at The Ranch . Jason now has new friends and a new life. He has since made it a personal commitment to talk about his difficulties to others who can receive help and hope.

Both hard work and spiritual bliss took place during the journey. I cannot put into words the deep recovery that transformed. Between the awesome views and touch of the ancient grounds and temples, I found myself again. Not the way one would expect, this journey for me was to find deep joy and laughter as my personal healing manifestation.

I will forever be grateful for this quest taken in Dec. 08. While I usually depend on my angels and God to be my healer, it is wonderful to know I was lead by my angels to this incredible team of Earth Angels. They helped show me the way again into a life where I now have the energy to keep doing what I do best, spreading the light and love knowing we are all part of this wonderful oneness called life. It took this journey to again realize we are not alone; I received help and love from the journey leaders and journey joiners alike. We all received. I saw wonderful restorative light shine upon every participant.

Understand that you will receive plenty of exercise from climbing the pyramids and long walks on this journey, but you may still come home with a couple extra pounds. The food is abundant, scrumptious and the culinary artists received a well deserved standing ovation from all the journey participants the final evening.

You will not want to leave before visiting the gift shop (feels like a museum). Alberto Romero’s fanciful crystal carvings and Emily Grieves beautiful paintings plus local artisan’s works bless this shop. I was delighted by the healing frequencies in this area. Its essence of love and a depth of ancestral ancient healing immerse this spot.

Please find a way here. You will not be sorry; this venture will take you places that you were not aware of. I am not referring to what you will see and touch of the ancients (although that is beyond awesomeness in itself), I am describing your internal quest deep within that will heal and transform your life to a higher frequency of light.


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