Spirit Recovery

featherSpirit Recovery is about recovering our authenticity, our natural condition as joyful human beings. To do this Spirit Recovery has created programs, journeys and events that promote expansion beyond the limitations of your beliefs, to get back to yourself as you were before the programming — a spiritual being who is free to love, free to live, free to be happy.

Spirit Recovery was born out of a a desire to create a non-denominational program for the growing numbers of people who are seeking to recover and increase their spiritual consciousness. We designed our programs so people can reclaim their authentic state as spiritual beings — like becoming children again, loving life completely and fully, while maintaining the wisdom of our adult experience. Living an authentic life.

Being authentic is the natural condition of humans. When we are authentic we express spontaneously with love and joy for life. As young children we started out connected to Nature, to Spirit to the wholeness of Life and felt free to express that connection. As we grew, we began to be programmed in order to fit into society’s beliefs. Some of these beliefs served us well, and many created conflict within ourselves. We learned to modify our behavior, to emulate what we thought we were supposed to be and not what we really were. We started self-judging and self-rejecting based on what we were taught and as a result, we lost our authentic selves.


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