testimonialsI had wonderful opportunities to go on many spiritual renewal ventures over the years but this visit to the Dreaming House was by far the most healing and centering experience I ever encountered. What is different is the genuine love and energy that is evident from the second you walk onto the beautiful healing grounds.

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testimonialsLife is wonderful is it not? My son Jason has over the years taken the winds out of my sail time to time. It’s not his fault at all, he never means to deplete or cause chaotic energy streams in his wake, it just kind of happens. Similar to The Peanuts comic character Pigpen’s ominous dirt cloud Jason has dealt with his own form of parasitic dust cloud that hovers and attempts to destroy his destined path.

Jason is a “Spirited Child” this description means he feels and senses energy beyond his earthly body. With this he often receives lower vibrational energies that seem to zap him into a state of frenzy or despair… Some lightened workers would call him an Empath, physicians has referred to him as a varied lot of medical definitional traits such as ADD, AD/HD, Bipolar and of having Asperger Syndrome.

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TomHedlundI am just back from my second trip to the pyramids in Mexico. This time I had a healing session with three shamanic healers including a smoke blower (they read how the smoke billows off the body). I accomplished all my major spiritual goals for this trip and then some and got great validation that I am on the right track….

one week later…

tom_globeThe effects of my second trip to Teotihuacan are beginning to take hold. I saw my long time local healer yesterday and she was blown out by the changes. I am for the time, being suddenly aflame inside in the most exquisite of ways. This is the fire of creation and creativity that I have been seeking. No idea where it leads, but I am definitely going to follow it.

-Obsidian globe by Alberto – The Dreaming House

Thomas Hedlund has been a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Northern California for over twenty five years.

testimonialsMy son Jason called today as he usually does when he comes home from school. With a large inhale I received his call slightly tensing because usually Jason uses his after school phone time to angrily digress his day to me by fierce choice of words that hurts a mother’s ears… I was pleasantly surprised by his to tone “Hi mom how was your trip?” His voice was friendly, excited and even eager to hear. I immediately asked him what’s up? He sounded GREAT! He explained to me (this is really a miracle so read closely) that a Wolf came to him and the Wolf wanted him to start a clan that had high spiritual principals. He went on for about ten minutes about his Wolf message and asked me to help him with his myspace page that was totally populated with death and vampires.

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testimonialsIt was a great adventure going with Lee McCormick to Teotihuacán. He led the group through a journey of transformation, moving from the limitations of what we had been told about ourselves to who we essentially are…powerful children of God. Everything about the retreat was perfect! I strongly recommend joining him on future retreats.

testimonialsHello Lee, How are you my dearest Amigo? The trip to Teotihuacán in June was such an enriching and powerful experience for me. I never took the time to thank you for my experience and my story in Teotihuacán. I loved it and will do it again. My experience there was so amazing, I would be here for days telling you and sharing with you many wonderful turn of events that continue to occur in my life. And talk about AWARENESS, WOW, awareness to so many things. I step outside my front door every morning and breath in the fresh air as I put one hand on my heart and the other on my tummy, which I refer to as my gut and think of all my stories and new friends I made in Teo. Life is good and I no longer have that empty feeling of just existing, I am living. Thank you

testimonialsSo far I’ve been on three Teo journeys and one Dream Your Own Teo trip and each time I go, everything becomes clearer. Every judgment, every negative thought and all the fear that has ruled my life is right there in front of me to see. Crystal clear. I have learned not only to see but also to act. Because without action I will live in hell forever. I’ve learned to let go, to NOT believe, and to see me for who I really am. A beautiful, loving spirit, an extension of God. I use to perceive myself by the stories I lived and told.

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testimonialsI had such a beautiful time in Mexico, the whole experience was amazing…I have had such a huge shift….I’ve done many workshops, many retreats, been sober for almost ten years now and blah blah blah. AND I can honestly say I’ve never had experienced anything like what I did in Mexico…The shift I’ve experienced wasn’t just in my head, it wasn’t logical its integrated into my whole being and I am so grateful. My old MO would’ve been to jump on here immediately and share this insight with everyone but not anymore, I’m sharing less with others and keeping more of my precious energy for me, seeing more, talking less. Thank you Lee for all you do and are. I am honored to have worked with you.

testimonials…He asked about my trip to Teo was and I answered “Powerful.” I felt that energy and the love and light. Amazing the perception that awareness unfolds. Yes, we have a choice: to live in love or to live in fear. I also have made an agreement with myself that each time I feel confused, guilty, frustrated, I will ask myself “Whose agreement is this?” I never before was aware of the resentment I held for all those unwanted agreements. I am happy. I am freer than I have been in a long time.


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