The Way of the Light

April 7-13, 2022

A mystical journey through Teotihuacan

Location: Mexico

As we live our lives, we experience so much. We take on the legacies of our blood and our human family lineage as well as the legacies of our country, our cities or towns – all of which tends to overwhelm our sense of relation and connection to the Truth and Light of our Soul’s spirit.

Springtime signals the return to life and an awakening as we make the circle around the sun through the seasons and back again to the rebirth of light.

Spring is our holy time to reclaim and recover the connection and relationship with the truth of our heart, the truth we have abandoned through the course of our domestication and our inheritance of experience in this world.

There is no better place than Teotihuacan for us to raise ourselves up to walk in the truth of our own light. Join us in this sacred ‘walk in beauty’ place and magical mystery school of reconnection.

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