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Kyle Poyser

TeoKyleI travel a lot, both because it’s the nature of this job, but also because it’s a passion of mine. Sometimes I travel by car, and sometimes I travel by plane, sometimes I travel by boat, and sometimes I travel by train. Very Seussian of me, isn’t it? In a rare instance, I have traveled farther by voyage of the mind than by any of the above. Whoa! That’s the talk of a crazy person, right? Not necessarily. Let’s just say I’ve been affected by my trip to Teotihuacan, Mexico and my stay at the Dreaming House.

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Michelle Larson

larsonStructured religion has never spoken to me. I have experimented and dabbled throughout my life, always with the same ultimate outcome…a feeling that it just doesn’t fit. Living a moral, caring, sharing and loving life has become what I try to achieve.

As I delve into my forties though, the question is raised – can I follow my own moral compass, have a higher purpose, feel enlightenment and grow as a human being without sitting on a pew on Sunday mornings? I have read dozens of books that say it is possible, yet after the inspiration of the read fades and the attempts to consistently apply the methods have failed, my search would begin again. I have traveled the world and found myself enchanted with the peacefulness of the Hindus in Bali, the Buddhists in Thailand, and appreciate aspects of Christianity practiced in so may countries around the globe. Can elements of these, and something entirely different be combined to create a customized path that I can follow?

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bio-ma1Madelyn Miller is a food and travel writer who contributes to numerous publications and often appears on TV. She test drives cars as part of the Texas Auto Writers Association and writes about it on To relax, she enjoys yoga, and writes about it for She has judged chocolate, chili and coffee festivals and is a co-owner of the F&B TravelAtlas Group. In 1991, she wrote a book on shopping, Shopaerobics (why are you not surprised?) that was reviewed in Newsweek. She hosted a cyber-radio show, the Tattered Passport.

Madelyn was a member of the Leadership Dallas class of 1988. Once upon a time she was in a zillion organizations and frequently did seminars on networking. But all the meetings were cluttering up the calendar too much. Cross your fingers that she is as successful at getting rid of Stuff as she was at founding OverJoiners Anonymous.

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Renee_McLaughlin08-2008Renee McLaughlin is a Senior Certified T-Tapp Trainer. She has a Masters Degree in Natural Health, is an ACE-Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, Certified Zone Instructor and Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life.

She has co-authored “Wake Up…Live the Life You Love” with Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. As a Health Coach, her passion is helping people improve their health and lives through customized nutrition, stress management and movement.

Renee can be reached for private consultation and coaching at 678-522-8056.

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