Trip to Peru

November 2 – 13, 2022

Spirit Recovery Invites you to a Healing Heart
Reconnection Experience. The Eagle
and the Condor.

Journey to Peru 🇵🇪 November 2-13!

Arrive in Lima anytime November 2nd and depart evening of November 13th.

Journey each day with the extraordinary Jorge Luis Delgado and Lee Richard McCormick!

From the heights of the Andean peaks to the depth of life and consciousness in the amazon we are bringing together the medicine traditions of the Mama Ayahuasca with Shipibo
guides and the San Pedro experience guided by don Nicolaus as a part of our reconnection ceremonies with the consciousness and presence of the Mama Pacha, the Mama
Cocha, Mama Nina, Mama Wayra, Earth-our body, Water-our emotions- Air- our mind and Fire -our Spirit.

These energies are the essence of the fabric of life. Awakening these relations is an amazing experience and a great gift to life. We
are living in the time of the Eagle and Condor, the Sixth Sun, the Great awakening. We are being invited through many challenges and undoings to let go the ways we have lived and
step back from our old programming to realize a simpler, sweeter, deeper way of living together.

See full itinerary on flyer and contact us for reservations and questions at 310-663-2057.



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