Working with the Stones

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Over the years of living with healers, teachers, Shaman, Curanderas, There have been a few consistent threads that give life and power to the practices of healing and transformation.

For many years now I have spent time in Mexico and Peru serving as a bridge between the worlds of the people who journey with me and the light, wisdom and energies of the sacred places we visit. In our film Dreaming Heaven you can see a few of the ceremonies and practices we use to support awakening to the power each of us hold deep inside.

Our deep seated power is our connection to the light of Creation, the Spirit of life itself. We are that light, we are the energy and consciousness of Creator embodied in Human Form, God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God. Years ago while on a journey in Mexico with my teachers I encountered a stone statue of a Ancient Toltec God.

This statue was not more the 30 inches tall, simple carved stone of a Being sitting full body, head, face, arms on the thighs in a meditation like pose. But it wasn’t the image that was so powerful it was the presence emanating from the stone figure.

This statue was alive energetically, you could feel it, in fact you could feel a presence the moment you walked into the room where it was displayed. I was amazed, intrigued, humbled by the feeling of consciousness that was there communicating to us.

As I asked about this crazy encounter I was taught that consciousness is energy, emotion is energy, our beliefs are simply energy, our bodies, stories, roles all are varying applications of energy and light.

From this experience we developed a practice to support our letting go of energies, emotions, stories of suffering that we know no longer serve us in our life. It is very simple this offering of the Stones.

First you get very clear on what you wish to release, connect to the full body of energy, emotion, memory of the situation or belief you wish to release.

Next you find a stone to serve as the vessel of your practice, the object that you will transfer this energetic into literally.

Hold this stone in your hand and give it all your gratitude and love for being there to help you. Take some deep breaths and blow your life force/breath into this stone.

Next breath into that place inside yourself where the energy you will be releasing rests. As you breath to the bottom of the energy you exhale through your breath all the energy of release giving it to the stone not with judgment but with gratitude for this opportunity to release what no longer serves you.

Repeat this until you feel clear and when you ready hold the stone up to the sky, to the sun and with all your clear intent say out loud “I release you now and forever more.”

Then you place this stone back on the ground or into a river, the sea, whatever feels most freeing to you cutting all ties, judgments attachments to the energies you’ve transferred into the stone. Turn and walk away looking up and out with Love and gratitude for life, simple, free, with faith in yourself and your ability to heal and free you.

May Peace be with you and May the freedom you seek come with ease and grace.

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