Spirit Recovery is an invitation to experience Life from a broader, more open, more expansive point of view.

We offer diverse, creative, open-minded programs and Journeys that allow for deeper connection and awareness.

With respect for all traditions and practices. we are all about sharing life and opportunities to grow as Individuals and as communities.

Upcoming Spirit Recovery Journeys!

May 9-14, 2014
Dreaming Heaven Journey
The Journey that Inspired the Documentary,
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
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May 23-26, 2014
The Heart Beat of the Earth
Journey To Canyon de Chelly
Location: Diné Land, Arizona
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September 18-21, 2014
Star Knowledge Conference
The Great Thanksgiving
Location: Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN
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Being authentic is the natural condition of humans. When we are authentic we express spontaneously with love and joy for life. As young children we started out connected to Nature, to Spirit to the wholeness of Life and felt free to express that connection. As we grew, we began to be programmed in order to fit into society's beliefs. Some of these beliefs served us well, and many created conflict within ourselves. We learned to modify our behavior, to emulate what we thought we were supposed to be and not what we really were. We started self-judging and self-rejecting based on what we were taught and as a result, we lost our authentic selves.

Living an authentic life.

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